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Custom Services


Please read and understand our policies before ordering.




We provide general prices for our standard services (standard is more of a concept than a reality in this business).  However we have found that providing estimates – especially over the phone is practical. Estimates can only be provided after a model has been physically examined.




When you have determined that you want us to perform service to your model we ask that a 50% deposit be posted based on the estimate we’ve provided. This deposit is determined by phone for our standard services or after we have examined the model. This may not be a true 50% as the final bill may reflect changes suggested or amended or by the condition of the model. (Please read our section on “A word about imported brass models” on our Custom Repairs page).  As the owner of the model you are responsible for any repairs required. We are not responsible for parts that come off or break through normal handling even if this occurs while we handle it. As the owner you may instruct us not to make such repair in writing when you send the model. Otherwise we will assume you want the repairs made. We charge 35.00 per hour for this type of work.


Upon completion of the work 7th Street Shops will contact the client with a final amount due, less funds already provided. Payment shall be due upon completion and notification to the client. No model will be shipped until final payment is received and checks have cleared 7th Street Shops account.


Please make all checks payable to; 7th Street Shops


General Charge Rates:


*Reattaching loose brass parts – $35.00 per hour (typically 2 – 3 parts per hour)


*Realigning brass parts (as required for the sake of reliable operation or at the request of the client for esthetic purposes) –$35.00 per hour


*Stripping old paint; 100.00 - 250.00


*Presence of any device(s) such as DCC or PFM sound that must be removed and replaced in a model to be painted or repainted - $75.00


*Machine work such as fabricating parts - $35.00 per hour plus materials


*Replacing bulbs – $20.00 each


*DCC Standard Installations – Flat Rate $400.00  includes all part. Note this is for a Standard installation on steam engines HOsg and larger. It does not include mechanical exhaust cams and wipers, coring lamp holders, LEDs, replacing amp hog open pole motors or any other unusual devices.


* WE do not consider the installation of the cam and wiper a part of the standard DCC installation. WE will install a cam at the additional cost of parts and labor at your request. We prefer Grizzly Mountain Engineering cams because they can be installed without pulling a driver – 65.00 including parts.  (Please note that anytime a driver is pulled from it's axle we must requarter the driver set at a minimum of $40.00 per axle). 


We do NOT accept customer supplied parts.


*DCC Advanced or Custom Programming at the time of installation by 7th Street Shop – $75.00


*DCC Advanced or Custom Programming on an existing installation – $100.00


*Locator Fees (finding a model you want) based on its purchased price; $50.00 to $500.00 = 15% plus expenses; $501.00 to $1000.00 = 10% plus expenses; $1001.00 to $2000.00 = 5% plus expenses; $2001.00 and up 3% plus expenses. Locator fees will be due upon completion of transaction between the seller and the client and is determined per model not as a collection of models unless that is agreed upon by the client and 7th Street Shops at the time the service is contracted. 7th Street Shops reserves the right to withhold identification of both client and seller and act as liaison.


*Field Work – defined as research, photography, location surveys, measuring etc.; $25.00p/h plus expenses, plus mileage (at 50 cents per mile).




Unless otherwise requested return shipment shall be made to the client by USPS priority mail. Models will be insured as determined by 7th Street Shops based on the value assigned by the client plus the work performed by 7th Street Shops unless otherwise requested by the client. 7th Street Shops will not be responsible for the model once they are shipped and damages must be collected by the client. We will cheerfully assist the client in anyway that we can. It is our policy that every model shipped is packaged to prevent damage as much as possible. Cost of shipping and insurance shall be included in the final payment amount.


If we receive a model that has been damaged in shipment we will notify the client and do our best to assist the client with any claims against the shipper. However it is the client’s responsibility to properly package the model for shipment. Anything loose in any box is subject to damage. PLEASE make sure everything is packaged not to move or bounce around. Marking a package fragile does not prevent mistreatment of the box.


Please read our How to ship your model page.


Past Due Accounts:


This is the hard part as we at the 7th Street Shops like to believe our clients are also our friends.


7th Street Shops is not a hobby and our rates, while attempting to be competitive, are paramount to our existence. The work we perform takes time and that time needs to make money – we are NOT doing this for fun (although we do enjoy our work).


Final Payment is DUE upon completion of the work and we WILL NOT ship a model until that payment has been received and cleared our accounts. Checks that do not clear shall be subject to all bank charges they incur plus a 25.00 insufficient fund charge by 7th Street Shops. Unpaid balances not received within 30 days shall be subject to a 10% late charge of the entire fee. An additional 10% shall be charged after 60 days.


What happens after 90 days? 7th Street Shops shall feel at liberty to sell the model for the best amount offered thru whatever means necessary to collect its fee. 7th Street Shops shall make every effort to notify the client of this action prior to offering the model for sale but shall in nowise feel obligated to extend the overdue time. 7th Street Shops shall extract from the proceeds of the sale its just fee plus whatever expenses and late charges and send whatever balance remains to the client. If the sale does not cover this entire amount owed to 7th Street Shops the client shall still be liable for that amount and 7th Street Shops shall retain the right to pursue that amount by whatever means available by law.


We sincerely hope that all of our clients and potential clients will understand 7th Street Shops collection policies and that we will never have to enforce them. After all, it is your hobby and it is our business.




7th Street Shops is determined to insure your satisfaction. We will do all that we can to correct any error in our workmanship. Guarantee of the parts we use are the responsibility of the manufacturer and we do not use parts that are not guaranteed. If a component of our installation (DCC for instance) is determined to be defective we will assist the client by getting the part replaced.  We will install the replacement part at a reduced rate or if it is determined the failure was due to our installation we will reinstall the part at our expense. We do not guarantee light bulbs. Replacement of bulbs shall be subject to our charges unless it is determined that the bulb failed due to our neglect.


If our workmanship fails to meet your expectations we will redo the work at our expense. This will include shipping charges. If all else fails we will refund part or all of the fee but only after all other alternatives have been exhausted.


Limits of Guarantee:


You must notify us immediately of any failures in our work.


We guarantee all paint, lettering, and weathering for one year from date model was shipped subject to mishandling by the client. (In other words if the client scratches the paint thru carelessness we can fix it but it will not be considered subject to our guarantee.) Failure of paint under normal use shall be replaced at no expense to the client within the limits of the guarantee.


We guarantee DCC installations for 90 days subject to normal operation and manufactures warranty. We cannot guarantee custom or advanced programming unless all decoders are locked (we will lock all function decoders as a matter of necessity but will only lock the sound decoder after custom or advanced programming or at the request of the client). This is because the client can (and should, according to their desires and enjoyment) program their locomotive to their own taste. However we strongly recommend the client strictly leave CVs 29 and 188 in the TSU decoder alone. Under normal conditions a good decoder can be programmed, reprogrammed and generally subject to program experimentation with no risk to the decoder. (If you run into trouble we will assist you by phone on any locomotive we have previously installed DCC or programmed for up to 90 days at no charge.)


In order to honor our guarantee on DCC Installations we must insist that you call the 7th Street Shops immediately if any problem with the installation arises during the guarantee period.  Please be patient if we do not answer right away.  Please DO NOT call the decoder's manufacturer for service as they may not be aware of the details of our installation and may ask you to perform tasks to the decoder that may only compound the problem.  Please allow us to determine the cause of the problem, otherwise we may have to consider the guarantee void. 


We guarantee our machine work for one year. However its accuracy is strictly subject to the information provided by the client. We will only guarantee that our work is accurate within .005” +/- of that provided information. Drafting work will be guaranteed on the same basis.


Fieldwork shall generally not be guaranteed except that photos shall be of good quality and usable by the client.


We offer no guarantee for our locators services.


We reserve the right to change without notice any or all parts of this policy.


7th Street Shops – for questions and quotes contact us at info@7thstreetgroups.com or 970 367 5881 M-F 6pm to 8pm and all day weekends.




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