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In the middle of August (2010) we shut down 7th Street Shops in Denver Colorado and packed everything up to move to Montana. The movers came and took all of our stuffff – tooo much stuffff! On Monday the 29th we threw the dog and the Guinea Pig and a few sundries into the Jeep and headed up the road. Map Quest said it was a 15 hour trip. But Map Quest didn’t take into account the Jeep. The Jeep is not Interstate friendly. Or is it that the Interstate is not Jeep friendly? On September 1st we finally arrived in the quaint little town of Hamilton cozied up to the Bitterroot River and just 12 ˝ miles from Idaho – well by way the crow flies anyway. We finally secured our new digs and began moving in on the 3rd. All of our stuff arrived safe and sound and we spent the rest of the month more or less settling in.


Derrell spends his week days grinding through the back log of repairs at Northwest Shortline and Vicki schemes on how she is going to get her new kitchen table, washer and dryer and all the other fun stuffff we left behind. On the weekends Derrell works on getting 7th Street Shops set up to reopen and Vicki hangs pictures, works on the website and drags Derrell away from the shops to see the Farmer’s Market. Fudd (the dog) makes a full time practice of pining after all his best friends he’s never met before.


Montana is a beautiful place. Some of it reminds us of Colorado – another beautiful place. We’ve added some photos of the area for your enjoyment.
  All Photos by: Derrell Poole

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