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A Bent Pilot On An Old Lady - Akane HO AC - 1 2-8-8-4


This model by Akane in the early 60's was damaged during shipping (See our recommendations for shipping). The notes in the photo give an analysis of the damage.


A Little Mystery In The Side Rods - Tenshodo HO GN F-8


The fireman's side rod is seen against the pink patch and has more kinks in it than a Rocky Mountain Pass. Note that the pin has been removed from the second driver.


An OMI Wabash P-1 Hudson In HO


The examination of the OMI model of the Hudson P-1 (See finished photos on our Custom Painting Page) revealed something about the pilot that didn't quite make sense. On one side the walkway fascia lapped over the pilot deck but on the other it came down on top of the deck.


Timken's Famous NP Northern 2626 - Key Imports in HO


The client purchased this engine on Ebay. When the model arrived not only was the paint poor but several parts were loose or completely detached and there was some metal damage. Here the old paint has been stripped from the boiler. We decided that since all the damage was to the boiler and pilot only these parts would be repainted.


The Case Of The Blinded K-27 - PSC HOn3


The client wanted this engine to negotiate less than 18" radii and with all for center drivers fully flanged it just would not do that.




A word about imported brass models.


Brass locomotives, if not intentionally destroyed or grossly mishandled, can and do last for multiple generations. Most models have multiple owners over the time of their existence. Unless it is stored away in its box and never touched a model can suffer any number of minor injuries and major trauma. Many of these events are never recorded anywhere EXCEPT in the metal itself. Brass, especially the metal not alloyed to ANSI specifications and formulas (i.e. what ever winds up in the crucible), will remember every bend, kink and crimp it suffers. Brass is quite malleable so it will absorb a fair amount of abuse but it still remembers. This is because brass hardens as it is manipulated. Eventually it becomes brittle and the part breaks. In spite of their lifetime qualities brass models are extremely delicate. Once something is bent, its bent, and bending it back only bends it again.


Another problem with brass is that it demands proper soldering technique. Unfortunately manufactures are often the prime culprit when it comes to bad solder joints even the best manufacturers. The metal must be completely cleaned, properly fluxed and adequate heat applied that allows the solder to flow properly. Even the lowest grade solder will hold better than a poorly applied high-grade solder.


When we receive a model we have no way of knowing how much the metal parts of the model have been damaged nor the stress suffered by solder joints. We try very hard to protect your model from any damage as we handle it. We have tools that help us protect some of the more vulnerable parts and we are experts at handling brass but it is impossible to protect everything and perform our work. Occasionally parts do come off and sometimes they break. This generally happens to parts that have suffered damage in the past parts that have something to remember. When this happens the owner of the model needs to understand that it is their responsibility to compensate our shops for the time it takes us to fix or replace the part. Our shop rate is 35.00 an hour.  Most parts can be fixed very quickly. Others may delay the project for as long as it takes to find and order a replacement. We do not charge for administrative tasks (researching, locating and placing orders) only the time it takes to install and paint the replacement. Before we perform any major work we will call for approval. (If a part comes off and we can fix it quickly we will go ahead and do it without prior approval). If there is more than one part and the total exceeds 50.00 we will call before proceeding any further.


We know our clients expect the very best of us. We will work hard to live up to that expectation.


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