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Brass Parts
We make custom parts; one of a kind or dozens according to your specifications.  We specialize in Brass Machining, but various plastics, aluminums and soft steels are also available.  Shown here is one of Derrell's projects (C&S 59 in Sn3) with a number of custom parts that include domes, diamond stack, headlamp reflectors and a shotgun stack.  For that one of a kind unavailable part for  HO, S, G or larger models

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S scale sand & steam domes for a C&S B-4-C class narrow gauge engine. Each dome consists of 6 parts - base, lower ring, trunk, tip, upper ring and cap (either lid for sand or one of two styles of steam turrets).


One of the more challenging tasks in creating a dome in brass is to accurately cut the "saddle" radius.  This view shows a special clamp Derrell devised to hold the dome base (after it was soldered to the trunk) while cutting the radius with an end mill.
A closer view of the same operation above.


At the turn of the century railroads all over the country were replacing their diamond stacks with short smoke boxes with shotgun stacks and long smoke boxes.  The C&S turned to this combination because the coal from Baldwin Colorado burned better with this arrangement.
This lot of stacks was cut for a client.
How to turn a stack with no less than 3 angles in its length?
First cut the rod to the widest diameter.
Then using a graver carefully turn the radius near the base.

After cutting all the angles and tapers finish the stack by cutting the lip at the mouth of the stack with another graver.

A fine sanding stick strip as well as 00 steel wool brings the piece to a high polish.


These parts were cut to exact scale sizes to within .003" (that's about 1/4" in S scale).  They are not meant to be patterns for casting.
Please see our Custom Design Page for pattern masters for lost wax and rapid prototyping processes.  We do custom etching patterns as well.


Our standard fee for making custom parts and patterns is $35.00 p/h.  Please call with details of your project for a quote.  (970) 367-5881

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